Sharon has been working as a professional makeup artist for 10 years, having started in the makeup industry as a freshman in college. Now, while pursuing her M.S. degree (with ambition to follow with a PhD) in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, she finds herself applying her education to her professional experience, as well as her day-to-day life as a makeup enthusiast. Sharon is particularly interested in studying the correlation between makeup application and performance improvement. She hopes to conduct a study, which will provide evidence that codifies the correlation between taking ownership of one's appearance and a significant improvement in their achievements and performance.

Sharon has worked throughout New York City as a freelance makeup artist for private clients and for various luxury brands at Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman, among others. Sharon's ability to customize a personalized look leaves her clients feeling comfortable and teaches them how to replicate the look at home with confidence.

Sharon believes that makeup is a tool that all people should have access to- and she loves to share her favorite tips and tricks to achieving seamless and effortless makeup applications. It is her strong belief that all people are beautiful, and that imperfections are not "flaws" but rather "distractions." Sharon hopes to share all of her knowledge acquired from her years in the industry in order to empower people, and give them confidence in their makeup application and selection. 

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